ECM: Proposition d’un sujet de thèse, Webinar programme de Master

– Dans le cadre des activités du Réseau Méditerranéen des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs et de Management (RMEIM) dont l’ENSIT est membre, une proposition d’un sujet de thèse est lancée par l’Ecole Centrale de Marseille (Centrale méditerranée) :THESE_OCEAN_PUB

– Ecole Centrale Méditerranée (one of the leading Engineer School in France) presents a webinar  « World class Master in Biomedical Engineering and Management »:

Meeting Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (CET+1)
Registration Form: CLICK HERE
You can fin the event on LINKEDIN and FACEBOOK
The programme is a Full English Track Master (M1+M2), exploring a wide span of the biomedical engineering field, including biophysics, biochemistry, biomechanics, tissue modeling, multimodal medical imaging, data reconstruction and processing.🔬 Experience up to 10 months of paid internships in high-level scientific environments & companies in the biomedical sector (in France and Abroad).

🌍 Students will develop their international expertise by studying and living in a multicultural environment.

MScT programme at a glance :

– Duration: 2 years (Direct entry in M2 possible)
– Application deadline: 

– Language: English
– Location: Centrale Méditerranée, Marseille (France)
– Average age: 25 years old
– Class size: 20 participants from all over the world
– Starting: 

– Internships: 2 months (Lab) + 6 months (Company)

More information below.
 for any further information, And to register CLICK HERE !

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